Water Efficient Landscape Awards Entry and Form

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This form will be used during the judging process.Please submit one form per landscape entry.


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Attach your landscape template:

Please include a diagram or hand-drawn mock-up of your landscape plan, as seen in the first xeriscape principle (click here to view)

The maximum file size for each file is 5 mb.
Attach photos (optional):

You may include up to four photos of your before, or in-progress landscape (optional).

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Please explain how your landscape plan addresses the seven xeriscape principles:

1. Proper planning and design for water conservation, beauty and functionality
2. Soil improvement
3. Use turf sensibly with proper irrigation and practical shapes or sizes, considering other alternatives to turf
4. Water efficiency through proper irrigation methods
5. Selection of appropriate plants and grouping of plants into zones with similar water needs
6. Use of much to reduce evaporation
7. Maintenance

(Upload time may take a few minutes depending on the size of the files)

Proposals submitted may be published. A TMWA representative may photograph and publish pictures of winning projects without prior notification to owner.

Entries By Mail:
If you choose to mail in your entry form, please include your diagram or drawing, written testimonial and up to four photos. Write your name and address on the back of each photo.

Mail to:
TMWA Conservation
P.O. Box 30013
Reno, NV 89520
Deliver to:
TMWA Conservation
1355 Capital Blvd.
Reno, NV 89502

Entry materials will not be returned.