Welcome to our Water-Efficient Landscape Guide!

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We live in a high-desert climate in the Truckee Meadows with an average annual rainfall of seven inches. Since water is a limited resource and outdoor irrigation increases usage by 400 percent during the summer months, we always encourage responsible water use. This guide addresses the seven horticultural principles from proper planning to maintenance, providing you tools you will need for a healthy, water-efficient landscape.

Whether you are remodeling an existing yard or starting from scratch, this guide will stimulate your ideas and imagination on how to layout your landscape, provide a selection of plants that grow well in our climate while adding natural beauty, and provide guidance on how to care for your lawn and plants.  The seven principles, or processes, include:

  1. Proper Planning (design)
  2. Efficient Irrigation
  3. Plant Selection
  4. Soil Improvement
  5. Mulching
  6. Planting
  7. Maintenance

These seven principles are broken down into three sections, giving you the tools to form the right plan for your yard. So, follow the steps in this guide to achieve the landscape you desire, while using water responsibly.