1. Landscape Design and Proper Planning

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Welcome to the Landscape Design and Proper Planning section of our Water-Efficient Landscape Guide. This section addresses the first of the seven horticultural principles for a successful, water-efficient landscape. Whether you are redesigning an existing yard, or starting from scratch, good planning and water-efficiency are vital to a healthy and sustainable landscape in our high-desert climate. During the summer months, we use four times the amount of water than we do during winter due to outside irrigation. With an average annual rainfall of seven inches, we encourage responsible water use at all times.

Incorporating a Theme

This section will give you ideas of how to layout landscaping to fit your lifestyle while using water responsibly. Design your yard to accommodate your needs and you will be happier in the end. Here are four themes incorporating landscapes that complement our environment and are water-efficient:
Great Basin
Young Family

Evaluate your Landscape and how it will be used
Taking extra time considering your options and creating an overall plan will make it easier to put the plan into action.

Getting Started
Now is the time to put your ideas to paper and get started with your plan.